Why Every Business Needs An Explainer Video

Posted on January 15, 2016  in Uncategorized

Small businesses and start up companies are using animated video to market their product or service now more than ever. So what are explainer videos exactly? Explainer videos allow startups and small businesses to explain their product or service in a fun and engaging way. Many recent studies have shown people prefer to watch a video rather than reading your boring text on your website. If your content on your website isn’t the greatest most likely they will click on the back button. What makes these videos so important is it allows you to fully engage your customers and give them your sales pitch in a new and exiciting way.

Some videos such as mobile app promotional videos can be used as tutorials. Showing how to use an app or a video explaining on why you need this mobile app. They are growing in popularity on Apple’s app store. More than eight percent of companies use animation cartoon style videos for the purpose of thier website. A video on your website will ensure that your user stays on your site longer than just a few seconds. This is huge for any new business out there. Studies have shown that these videos can increase your sales. Not to mention the social media buzz you can create since these explainer videos can be found in search engines such as Google and Youtube.

So which video is right for your business. There are a few to choose from. There is a whiteboard video style which is great if done right. These videos consist of images being drawn on with a hand animation. Motion graphics are big right now and good for those on a budget. These are the videos you see with words and flying in and out of the video. My personal favorite is the 2d style animated videos. These cartoonish videos are fun and can bring life to your brand, company or product. With the combination of a voice over and music the end result is a video that explains and sell your product or service for you. If you need an affordable video done right call 951-304-2884 or visit our website http://explainitvideos.com/